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As can be readily observed in the geographic segmentation, the five selected states represent the most progressive regions in Alberta. Further segmentation variables were used to create specific value propositions and the subsequent tiered product offering. Since Alberta is still a very segregated society, we believe that each of these segments will routinely use different forms of media to obtain their daily information.

For example, the lower segments can be targeted through direct marketing and local events; whereas the higher segments can be targeted through selected (exclusive) channel such as Pay Per View Television and financial talk shows. Due to Alberta’s [term removed], we believe that if we successfully integrate the proper media channels into our marketing campaign, the target segment will receive information about their segmented product with limited overlap about the other products being offered by our company. This technique will allow us to sell three different product tier, and avoid any possible brand confusing or miscommunication.
Segment 1: The high-end of MWs product offering.

Targeted at the Alberta [term removed], (Approximate population 1,000,000) with an estimated income of over $94,000 US, the X1 will focus of lifestyle and usage patterns. It is not expected that our system will be used as a replacement for imported bottled water but will become a part of the daily cooking ritual. Product benefits will be stressed that place X1 at the center of the cooking ritual. Considering that women in Alberta have purchasing and decision making power like never before, a marketing strategy will include the luxury and time-saving features of our product. Prestige will be stressed as will convenience. This segment may assist in the trickle-down theory of product dispersion that would hit segment two.

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Using geographic, demographic, and psychographic profiles, MW has targeted three segments. Once the general research was completed, an unmet need in personal water purification systems was discovered. At the top level of segmentation, Alberta’s that desire cleaner water but do [text removed] to quench their thirst has been targeted. Because of the diversity of Alberta’s population, we believe that setting only one value proposition would lead us to understate this market’s potential economical benefits to our company.
Once the needs of the market/consumer were understood, a more intense level of segmentation was implemented. Geographically, Alberta is divided into x states. After applying 14 health-related criterion, eight political and economic factors, 18 psychographic profiles, a primary ethnographic study of lifestyle and behaviour, and in-depth personal interviews (see appendix 1), the following is the profile of the three targeted segments: Geographically, all segments reside in four of Alberta’s x states.

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