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Bill Borger – The CEO Series

Bill Borger is the CEO of The Borger Group of Companies and a very successful businessman. Bill is always seeking new challenges and adventures. Watch this video to learn more about Bill Borger and his life.

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It has been noticeable that Canada and its provinces have gone far since the recession time took place in North America a few years ago. Aside from the ongoing business ventures that the government has incorporated, individual companies also seek investment overseas, and this is where China entered the Canadian trade. Like most other countries that have partnered with China, Canada is also looking for a brighter tomorrow with all the potential that lies ahead.

Aside from investing with China, the government of Canada has established seminars to educate aspiring businessmen and to equip them with proper practices to become effective and successful in their chosen field. One of the said seminars that will take place in Calgary is the 2013 AWE Leadership Summit, on May 9th.

A full day workshop for women in business to develop their leadership capacity. The Summit includes guest speakers, facilitated workshops, panel discussions, peer circles. The event will run from 9 am – 4pm on May 9 at Hotel Arts in Calgary and will be followed by the Celebration of Achievement award dinner and gala, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The Celebration of Achievement pays tribute to an exceptional entrepreneur who has achieved recognizable success. This visionary woman is an inspirational leader, who has built an entrepreneurial venture in Alberta with significant impact on the economy and the community, and who acts as a role model for women in business. This year the award recipient is Ruth Kelly, President and CEO of Venture Publishing Inc. – The Business Link

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Using geographic, demographic, and psychographic profiles, MW has targeted three segments. Once the general research was completed, an unmet need in personal water purification systems was discovered. At the top level of segmentation, Alberta’s that desire cleaner water but do [text removed] to quench their thirst has been targeted. Because of the diversity of Alberta’s population, we believe that setting only one value proposition would lead us to understate this market’s potential economical benefits to our company.
Once the needs of the market/consumer were understood, a more intense level of segmentation was implemented. Geographically, Alberta is divided in to x states. After applying 14 health related criterion, eight political and economic factors, 18 psychographic profiles, a primary ethnographic study of lifestyle and behaviour, and in-depth personal interviews (see appendix 1), the following is the profile of the three targeted segments: Geographically, all segments reside in four of Alberta’s x states.

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    • Waterford Station is a new development being built by Sylvan Lake, covering 63 hectares of land with a community, green spaces and lots of walking paths. Check out this video for more details.

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