Marketing Education Pt. 15

Marketing Education Pt. 15

Appendix 3

Questionnaire Disruption Methodology:

Stratified Clusters: are often employed to reduce the cost and the time of sampling a population spread over a large area. Canada Post offers convenient delivery routes which are, in fact, clusters. Because business in the Duggan Street, Cromer Avenue, and Pinsent Drive cluster is much like business in the Harris and Bailey streets cluster, the latter was ignored. The downtown and Lincoln Road West clusters were also included for their professional services, restaurants, and entertainment. The three clusters, Cromer, Downtown, and Lincoln Road became stratified once lock box mail delivery was ignored over letter carrier (mailperson) delivery. It must therefore be noted that the sampling methodology is not purely random. It does however represent 38 percent of local businesses, well above the minimum necessary to provide reliable data. One important note, the information provided in the source for sampling methodology noted that successfully completing two statistics courses does not adequately cover sampling theory.

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