Marketing Education Pt. 2

Marketing Education Pt. 2

The type of business for which this feasibility study is being conducted is a marketing, advertising (design, targeting, and brokerage), and promotional consultancy. This company will operate under the name David Howse Marketing Design (DHMD) and will function as either a B2B or a B2G service provider. The primary market, for the first three months, will focus on Grand Falls-Windsor. There will be three core groups that DHMD will pursue: government agencies, established small & medium sized businesses, and prospective entrepreneurs in need of marketing related support. After a successful build up of local clientele, the entirety of Central Newfoundland will be engaged followed by the rest of the province. From an advertising stand point, the business model will not be one that competes with current media (Downhome, Yellow Pages, Advertiser, Telegram, Rogers Cable 9, radio etc.) but one that designs advertising that is in the best interest of the client and uses the best existing medium for that advertising.

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Mission Statement: Many Central Newfoundland businesses have neglected and have been neglected in most areas related to marketing. We will offer small and medium businesses the full spectrum of marketing services. Services will range from technical assistance in feasibility studies to assistance in finding the most strategic location using calculated decisions, such as: price lining, print, radio, television, Internet advertising & promotional support, customer service training, and finally measure the effectiveness of a business’ marketing budget.

Philosophy: In a recent analysis of the most successful businesses in the world, those between 100 and 500 years-old had four commonalities. One that we can all have control over is the ability to have an incredible sensitivity with all stake-holders. “Stake-holders” is not synonymous with just shareholders but also includes customers, community, employees, the environment, suppliers, and up to 90 others (Wacker). David Howse Marketing Design has one goal: to build a truly sustainable business and demonstrate marketing leadership that builds local businesses from a holistic marketing oriented approach.

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