Marketing Education Pt. 3

Marketing Education Pt. 3

From this study, I have identified the following desired features, advantages of these features, and their benefits to the customer:

Features, Advantages, Benefits (FABs)

Feature: Customer orientation – built into our philosophy is a desire for a thorough understanding of the difference in the needs of a first-time entrepreneur and an experienced one. The knowledge that not all needs are the same and depend heavily on the goal of the organization and the particular strategy in question is important; whether it is building a marketing plan to present to a creditor, to sensitivity in market research, or the goal of an advertisement and the best medium for reaching the desired target.

Advantage: The work we do will reflect the specific characteristics of the business with integrated marketing communication (IMC) and a productive & sustainable strategy at the center. The customer gets more control over the advertising design if desired but the bottom line is that the advertising will better represent the business and will therefore be a more effective form of communication.

Benefit: Better communication results in more customer awareness of the business, its products and services, and therefore more sales.


Feature: David Howse Marketing Design will have little overhead (building & equipment, human resources, multiple levels of management etc.)

Advantage: Ability to offer a more competitive price.

Benefit: Ability for DHMD to attract active businesses and new entrepreneurs that would otherwise pass over an expensive consulting service. The customer will have a more flexible advertising budget and the ability to develop a more strategic advertising plan.


Feature: DHMD is a local business and will utilize the local labor force and will have a stronger passion and understanding of the community than an outsider.

Advantage: Circular flow of income within the local area.

Benefit: A stronger local economy benefits ALL local businesses and enables the spin-off effect of healthy commerce.

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