Marketing Education Pt. 9

Marketing Education Pt. 9

General economic trends and factors

Grand Falls-Windsor (agglomeration, Badger to Botwood) has a growing economy, though it has a slightly shrinking and aging population with a seven percent reduction in population from 1996 to 2001 (Stats Canada); however, as of 2005 a 200 person increase has been reported ( Grand Falls-Windsor also serves a secondary trade area of about 100,000; most of this economic benefit is generated by seasonal shopping and visits for medical services. Gander also has a growing economy and together the combined trade areas account for about 120,000 residents.

The business growth in Grand Falls-Windsor is moderately positive and there is a very low commercial vacancy rate in the Cromer Avenue/Duggan Street area; development is very positive in the Gander area.

industry occupation table

occupation by major groups table

economic building statistics table

The only disappointing number, in my opinion, is the low number of those employed in arts, culture, recreation, and sports. I believe this is the greatest barometer to the economic health of a community.

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